Monday, July 14, 2014

#MiniProjectMonday 7/14/14

Ok, so I've been MIA way too long.  I have been working on a lot of stuff that I can't post yet.  Suspenseful, right?!

I had this idea to do some weekly (ok, probably not, we all know me) theme days in regards to this blog.  Ya know, like the gloriousness that is #throwbackthursday or #mancrushmonday?  I am going to be doing some DIY day posts, the first of which is #miniprojectmonday (Confession time:  I love hashtags #toodamnmuch.)

This idea was born because sometimes I just make / spruce up these little-bitty projects.  I couldn't decide whether or not to post them all at once, or at all.  But ultimately, for the good of DIY-kind, I will share them.  Another way I see these being different from my more curated, longer posts, is the potential that these projects may fall under the "seen it on pinterest" category.  I have stated before (and will probably state a million more times if I don't forget about this blog again (whoopsie)) that I really want the focus of this blog to be new, fresh, original projects.  However, I am only human, and do find myself drawn to projects I see other bloggers / pinners doing.  I think projects of this nature will fit well on #mpm because they require a lot less explanation on my end.

Oh wow.  I just googled miniproject monday and I am such a jerk.  It's already a thing.  Ugh.  Well, I guess I'm on board now.

So here it is:


 painted a flower pot.  It used to be brown and briefly housed one of those orchids everyone's been killing these days.  I know, it's not all that exciting after that build-up.

But yeah, as usual, I took inspiration from an Anthropologie product, the Vinhais planter.

Jeez.  I am so sorry guys.  I didn't invent a hashtag theme day and my blog is always all "pinterest is kinda lame and unoriginal but I like it and here's the latest Anthro thing I copied because I am so much more original than pinterest."

I'll try to work on that.  #newyearsinaugustresolution

No really though, my next post will be better.

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