Friday, November 29, 2013

Graphic Knit Hat

Long time, no post.

But anyway, here is a hat I designed and knitted. It is a bit long, but that is what I needed for my huge mass of hair.

This was my first time doing stranded knitting, and I think it was a success. This was also my first time adding the crocheted edge to a project. And tassels!

My inspiration for the hat actually came from a dream. In the dream I was still working at Anthro, and the manager had told me that if I knitted a nice hat, there was a chance they would produce and sell it. What I came up with in the dream was nothing like this, but this hat was the result of that prompt, to knit something I could see Anthropologie selling.

I am very happy with the graphic pattern, but my next iteration will be a shorter hat, more marketable to the thinner haired folk.  I've already got one order!

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