Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#MiniProjectMonday 9/22/14

I know I'm a day late, but I designed a tshirt graphic for my friend's elementary school's 5k.  Here's the sketch I settled on to scan in (note:  I thought the event was a walk-a-thon at this point):

Here's the final digitized graphic, with more of a run/walk vibe (Maybe less of a pedophile vibe too, although I'm not sure, kinda just looks like the tables have turned).

The school is Saints Peter and Paul in Ionia Michigan, and the run is called the Panther Prowl to reflect their overused mascot.  I went sugary-sweet because last year some parents and staff told her the panther she found online was too scary.  It's not my typical style, but I know I would have liked it as a kid — and not just because I pretended to be a panther during every minute of free play I had.

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